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Unwanted Metamorphosis

Hardly any fine lines or wrinkles as in the mirror I scan.
If I were truly older the prognosis I could understand.

They look the same as when I had left for the exam.
I probably will not need them, the doctor be damned!

Now I know I have bitten deeply from the apple of youth.
I must have heard the doctor wrong, that must be the truth.

He handed me the prescription almost in haste.
Giving me the diagnosis which left a bitter taste.

I shook my head and nodded as if to fully agree.
I wanted to scream at him, I AM NOT EVEN 53!

I am much too young, I need a second opinion it's true.
If I have to wear bifocals, my brown eyes will turn blue!

By Jacqueline Ann Piech




The Perfect Male?

I have been divorced and alone for too many years.
Went on a dating service in hopes of finding someone dear.

Put together my profile and my picture, OK, not too shabby!
Then I got winked at by Mr. Crabby!!!

The next in line wanted only women tiny or petite.
He was over 400 pounds, so when dancing, I hope he never steps on their feet.

 I know I am no raving beauty but I never thought viewing photos was such a chore.
I gave up, I just couldn't take anymore.

So I got off line and went shopping, there in the parking lot, I found the perfect male.
I just have to be very careful not to step on his...



By Jacqueline Ann Piech




Spam Slammed

On my computer, friends' responses are a welcome sight.
But I have to search for their e-mails hidden in the blight.

Do I want mega quotes, smart prices, insurances for my car?
Or learn fabulous make-up secrets from the Hollywood stars.

I can get a home loan, free trips, take a survey and more.
Since when did my e-mail address turn into a super store?

Click here and submit to find the love of my life.
Anti-viruses, anti-aging to help rid me of strife.

I have 40 important, life changing messages and as I try to delete.
I am notified, I am the next winner of a summer wardrobe complete.

I used blocks, unsubscribed and requested removal from all lists.
Oh no! Here comes another ad on helping me find true wedded bliss.

I don't want to impress my girlfriend or become a new man.
Nor need a credit card, poker strategies or anymore spam!

By Jacqueline Ann Piech




My Other Name

I was given the title, Sparkling Wildfire.
To live up to that name is my desire.

Sparky, a shorter version of my name.
I carry it proudly just the same.

My human doesn't seem to understand.
Expecting me to obey all commands.

I love to leap, run, chase and play.
I also try to learn to sit and stay.

I have long legs to jump for joy.
Or pounce upon a new squeak toy.

Trash cans were made to be explored.
The outdoors should be sniffed and forged.

I try to stay off the bed to rest.
But cuddly blankets are the best!

Toilets make good drinking fountains.
Rabbits are for chasing up mountains.

How can I ever live up to my name?
Sparkling Wildfire doesn't sound tame.

I am a happy dog and love my human so.
Oh how I wish that other name would go.

For it makes me hang my head in shame.
Sparky No No Bad Dog is my other name!

By Jacqueline Ann Piech




Curse Of A Poet

Ideas cluster in my mind stirred from my heart.
Not sure what to write but desire has a start.

Do I compose a poem or just let the feeling die?
Inspiration may come or stifle even when I try.

Creation surges wanting the reader to be pleased.
Fingers do not type swiftly over the waiting keys.

In translation my thoughts do not blend as deep.
Curse of a poet is muse gone completely asleep.

By Jacqueline Ann Piech





Longing to write
but no thought forms
and silent are the keys.

Playing on my mind
as blankness grows
and words toss within.

Volumes of ideas
race inside but
content eludes me.

As Muse leaves,
distractions prevent
a solid birth.

Writer's block remains
as minutes pass
no poem...well maybe!

By Jacqueline Ann



The Day The Mouse Died

Traveled the icy, snowy mix
from work, now safe at home.

Gazing out the glazed over window
I decided to type up a new poem.

Pressing the ON button my computer
hummed as its screen welcomed me.

Thoughts of what to write flowed
along very quickly, so free.

I went to click on the notepad
where dozens of my poems reside.

But my cursor seemed as frozen
as the stormy thirty states outside.

Lifting it up carefully I saw
the bottom red light was on.

Running it briskly over the pad,
no movement, something is wrong.

All was right with the connection
to my computer's electrified tower.

Wiping its pad to remove any dust,
red light went out, no mouse power.

'Tis a short stopping my best laid plans.
Shopping is out, too treacherous a ride.

Winter winds howl joining my grief,
mourning the day my mouse died!

By Jacqueline Ann Piech





















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