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Our Souls Are Diamonds

Our souls are diamonds created in God's mind.
Within the Spirit's grace they will be refined.

Under life's pressures, facets will grow.
From mercy and hope our hue will glow.

Jesus, the Jeweler, to whom they belong.
Faith and suffering to make them strong.

Our souls are diamonds polished in love.
Blessed by the honing from God above.

By Jacqueline Ann Piech





Does believing in God help one
to believe in their own goodness?

Does reaching out to another mean
you have courage enough to love?

Does loving another help lift your soul or
 following dreams help touch the Divine?

There is only one way to answer these questions.
Try it and see what takes place in your life!

By Jacqueline Ann Piech





Floating on a pair of delicate wings,
more vibrant than a rainbow's colors.

Carefully searching to feed within
the garden flowers sweet nectar.

A humble, earth-bound caterpillar
changed to a lovely winged insect.

Soaring, gliding, silent traveler carried
on a perfect, summer day breeze.

Heavenly reminder of God's purifying
grace given to transform human souls.

By Jacqueline Ann Piech



God's Thoughts

Embracing us in divine light, pure thoughts
of God sent on wings of Truth and Love.

Day or night, they come bringing gifts
 of protection, healing and guidance.

Angels continue to watch over the
human race out of perfect love for God!

By Jacqueline Ann Piech






New Year

May the beauty of life
bring you hope and joy.

May the beauty of your
spirit blossom and grow.

May your goodness and
love shine brightly to all.

May this new year find
your dreams coming true!

By Jacqueline Ann Piech



God's blessings from heaven above,
protecting angels and healing music,
nuturing souls with hope and love.

By Jacqueline Ann Piech






Years I spent immersed in oceans of pain.
Belief and love seemed always to be in vain.

But You stayed, no matter the storm inside.
Mercifully waiting for me to accept and decide.

To turn to Your Holy Will, to calm my soul.
Granting hope for forgiveness, making me whole.

Not that I really trusted, yelling to let me be.
Blaming and being angry for all crosses on me.

Loving this doubting child, You touched my heart.
Patiently guiding and teaching me a fresh start.

Under Your navigation, safely through every storm,
in Your ocean of Mercy and Peace I am reborn!

By Jacqueline Ann Piech





Each morning planning our day when we rise
currents of chaos soon take us by surprise.

Crossing an intersection with green light
an on-coming car drives through red,
crumpled metal surrounds injured and dead.

Youngest of five grown sons shot in
back then tossed out from robber's car.
Burying a child is a parent's worse scar.

To protect from monstrous tornado,
mother covers children, soon it will pass.
Surviving, her legs both gone she gasps.

Twin Towers broke America's false peace.
Terrorists stole life like cowardly thieves.
Many brave souls died fighting these.

Fires, floods, hurricanes, HIV and cancer,
reminders of mankind's foolish belief.
Time's illusion wakes our unwanted grief.

But we still grasp at control though
it runs like sand through fingers.
Lack of it, a bitter taste lingers.

For the only control we really possess
is how our hearts respond to each test.

By Jacqueline Ann Piech




Angel In The Garden

Amongst roses, pansies and butterflies in midair,
the angel in the garden quietly poses in prayer.

Aster purples, ruby reds, golden yellows surround,
kneeling on an emerald carpet as life abounds.

When the seasons change, she weathers every storm.
Heat, snow or heavy rain as nature's dances perform.

Mere stone statue gracing God's own lovely creations.
Reminder of true heavenly angels in eternal adoration.

By Jacqueline Ann Piech




How many leave a path daily,
from new life to the aged?
Are they ever comforted or
is sorrow left forgotten?

Droplets tracing the cheeks
of billions suffering heartache.
Souls weary from abuse, war,
prejudice, hopelessness and fear.

Hot, burning tears spill from
anger, confusion, lies and betrayal.
Akin with hunger, grief, misery,
agony and despair they flow.

Yet, a bittersweet song stirs,
surging forth from kindness, joy,
hope, accomplishment and even love.
Mystery rivulets bonding all people.

It is said even He wept while
on earth, Jesus, the Son of God.
Our humanity for all generations
linked in the traces of tears.

By Jacqueline Ann Piech




Heart Of Love 

I think of the rose I got for Mother's Day,
the roots, stems, leaves, thorns give way.
So tiny buds will soon bloom and grow,
golden petals in perfect formation show.

One wonder in a million that fill my life,
yet I feel burdened, overwhelmed with strife.
Why do I carry so much fear in my heart?
God, I have no wisdom with which to start.

You are the Creator of beauty unsurpassed,
taken for granted, Your love that is vast.
Does anyone realize how perfect Your plan?
Humans cannot even make a grain of sand.

In prayer, You will guide me and give insight,
free me from doubts, help me do what is right.
Dear Lord help me put all my trust in You.
Heart of Love, my weary soul please renew.

By Jacqueline Ann Piech

*Author Notes*
I was inspired to write this after reading the following...

Prayer of St. Margaret Mary

I put all my trust in You.
For I fear all things from my own weakness,
but I hope for all things from Your goodness.


Whom Do You Go To?

Parents force their children
to kill their own pets or
leave their child in a hot
car to die.

Spouses have numerous affairs
and still expect the family to
continue after destroying
all trust.

Auto makers leave life
saving repairs go
on cars until nineteen
deaths occur.

Mothers kill their own babies
and have no fear of losing
their own souls.

People abuse the elderly,
or hate simply because
of race or faith
or gender.

Millions suffer after a huge
earthquake and suffer even
more because of uncaring

Sex, drugs and selfish desires are
glorified in books, TV and movies
while war and terrorist attacks
continue daily.

Children are stolen and abused
and murdered because they
are easy victims.

Banks devastate families by
taking away their homes
and yet get bailed out at
taxpayers expense.

Insurance companies drop
cancer patients because it
costs too much for their
medical treatments.

And this is only some of
the daily trials that besiege
the earth.

God all powerful and merciful,
You loved all so deeply You
gave us, Jesus, Your
only Son.

Heavenly Father, You tell us
to come to You with all our
troubles and fears.

My question is, whom
do You go to when we
have offended You so
very much?

By Jacqueline Ann Piech


Angel's Agony

Kissing gently the child,
a finger touches tears.
With divine power, water
transforms into a sphere.

Balanced on angelic hand,
the globe turns in holy light.
All is revealed and causes
trembling, so cruel a sight.

Shedding of so much blood,
the child's soul deeply cries.
Rwanda, Iraq, places of war,
life is taken and hope dies.

Many children lost in hunger,
storms of abuse rain down.
Innocent hearts are shattered,
death in school is even found.

In an eternal garden of beauty,
a perfect love was only known.
An orb of sorrowful truth giving
divine grief from what was shown.

The angel collapses to the ground,
deep pain pierces the holy soul.
Anguished sobs for God's creation,
from such hell purity pays in full.

By Jacqueline Ann Piech



True Victim

Jesus, You stand before me wearing a crown of thorns.
Your hair is matted with blood coming from Your scalp.
Your eyes, ears, nose and mouth bleed onto Your beard.
Your white tunic is soaked in blood from Your hands and side.

I want to retch and cry but I stay to hear You.
Your words penetrate my soul like a sword.

"You too have added to these wounds."
Your truth is not what I want to hear.

I had come to You for comfort from unkindness.
The hurt and pain others had given to me.
Then Your wisdom teaches me what You just spoke.

Not from Nazism, slavery, world wars, terrorists,
political or religious beliefs do You alone bleed.
But You are crucified daily by our own unkindness.

Children hear when we yell at a clerk for giving wrong change.
See us cut off someone driving that failed to use a turn signal.
Listen to us gossip about co-workers or belittle a neighbor.
We make others feel less than, so we are important and secure.

Innocence is influenced and corrupted by our very actions.
As we take away faith, hope and love in a world of need.  
Piercing Your Sacred Heart and Soul, the true Victim.
With insults and sarcasms while calling ourselves christian.
Forgetting or ignoring each soul is precious to You.
That You truly feel every sorrow, pain and fear of mankind.
You tell me to walk away when another screams an unkindness.
To answer if they ask why I walked away, help them when in need.

Be kind even if it is never returned or acknowledged by them.
Lean on You for strength and wisdom for comfort with these ways.
Sweet Savior, thank-you for Your unending truth and mercy.
Help me, help us all to be gentle in a world of fear and hate.

By Jacqueline Ann Piech




In The Quiet

The day begins, the day ends.
Work, cleaning, a note to a friend.

Walk the dogs, pay the bills.
A quick dinner with no frills.

Do up laundry, run to the store.
A sigh of relief, finished chores.

Lying in bed before sleep comes.
Stillness from chatter, worries numb.

A heart weary but full of hope.
In silence, Your wisdom to cope.

The soul is reminded You are real.
In the quiet, Your love can heal.

Jesus, You reach in and help cease.
The clutter in life and give true peace.

By Jacqueline Ann Piech



Rushing daily.
Solutions needed.
No quiet to think.

Traffic congested.
Blaring horns.
Weary anger abounds.

Computers buzz.
Radio blasts.
TV pushing junk.

Day ends.
Restless sleep.
Hectic paces toll.

Be still.
Breathe, listen.
Seek and pray.

Insight grows.
Hopeful soul.
Bathed in grace.

God answers.
Peaceful heart.
Immersed in Love.

Calming comes!

By Jacqueline Ann Piech




Wounded heart,
hardened heart,
angry heart,
envious heart,
fearful heart,
grieving heart.

My loving heart,
merciful heart,
faithful heart,
consoling heart,
forgiving heart,
Sacred Heart.

Longs to pour
over your pain,
your turning away,
your deep rage,
your insecurities,
your lack of faith,
your deep sorrows.

To open your heart
as the true flower,
I desire you to be
when I created you,
for I am the Lover
of all hearts and souls.

By Jacqueline Ann Piech






You cry instead of sleeping,
as pain and persecution fill
your being with heart ache.

Any hope of ever having real
love has faded and you are
consumed with anger and grief.

What wrong turn did you take
in life that has condemned
you to endless rejection?

I sigh wishing you would
realize and believe you are
precious and deeply loved.

Though I know the number
of every hair on your head,
your doubt saddens My heart.

I am here, yet am ignored,
I am rebuked and denied
that I even exist by many.

Living in your midst I gave
compassion, forgiveness, healing,
truth, hope and unconditional love.

I died breaking the despair of evil,
an arose to bring eternal salvation
to show how fully I love you.

I am with you in wars, famines,
terrorist attacks, sickness and
even death to help you always.

I know every missing child's
hidden grave, each soldiers last
prayer, the homeless man's misery.

I hear the cry from forgotten
elderly or prisoners in cells,
I feel each slap on the abused.

Every struggle of the disabled,
the hunger of the neglected,
pain of flood and fire victims.

I see frightened people flee
from another bombed market,
I know the suffering of all.

Yet, you do not believe I
love you dearly and do not
come to Me with your sorrows.

Fear and hatred wove the
crown of thorns I wore as
sin drove the nails into Me.

I did this all for you so
you could begin to understand
how great My love really is.

Mercy and love, peace and yes
even joy are all I desire to
bless you with forever.

My child, I long to comfort
you with strength and truth,
bring you inner peace and hope.

Let you know I created you
out of Love for a real purpose,
to share Myself fully with you.

All I ask for in return is
your love but it seems you
believe you are abandoned.

Sadly, I too understand abandonment.

By Jacqueline Ann Piech




Dear Lord At Christmas Time

Dear Lord,
Please I don't mean to complain.
There is a clog in the sink and
as I struggle to plunge it out,
I will probably be running late
today once again.

I am trying not to worry but it
seems I keep getting behind and
never really caught up on anything.
I know You said to give all my
burdens to You but I can't even
find time to think as one thing
after the other keeps happening
daily lately.

I am feeling very overwhelmed,
first I was laid off a month
after we moved into our new home,
then came the broken hot water
heater and the bill for the truck
repairs. I know I don't have it
as bad as others do.

You helped me get a new part time
job while so many are out of work.
But Christmas is just about here
and for sure it will be a lean one.

And You did help remind me, I still
have a roof over my head and a warm
coat to wear for winter by sending
that young woman I work with into
my life. Here she is working but
 can't afford a winter coat while
trying to provide for her family.
I shudder to think of her waiting
for the bus to get to work in the
midst of winter with only a hooded
sweatshirt to wear in the cold!

And the bin for donated food at
work is lacking being full as so
many others struggle to feed their
own families while employed. I don't
know where my Christmas spirit is
this year but I feel dread
the closer the holiday draws near.

Mostly Lord, I just wanted five quiet
minutes to gather my thoughts before
I head out the door. God, do You know
how hard people are struggling today?
Would You grant a Christmas miracle
for so many suffering souls?

Oh, No!

Now on top of everything else the
hamster has escaped out of his cage
and I'll have to search for him before
I leave for work so he doesn't become
a dog snack for my terrier! God some
times I wonder if You ever really hear
me? Please Lord, just a mini miracle
so I know You are really there?


God while I looked in the closet for
Sandy, hammie...I found that quilted
flannel shirt coat. It is too small
for my husband anymore. I could take 
it to work and give it to that young
woman to wear to help keep her a little 
warmer. And I also found that box of 
canned vegetables that got misplaced
in the move here. I can add it to the
food bin at work too.

Lord, it's a good thing I am here
alone right now or people would
think I have lost my sanity! I have 
not laughed this hard in a long,
long time. Your wit and wisdom
amaze me and I owe You an apology.
There under the tree in the nativity
display is Sandy, sound asleep next
to Baby Jesus!

Sweet Jesus, our King and Savior born
in a humble stable, thank-you for
hearing me and bringing the Christmas
Spirit to my weary heart and soul.

By Jacqueline Ann Piech





Needlepoint at the museum,
causes me to ponder
about my own life's tapestry.

Does the design fulfill
Your holy will or is 
the pattern broken?

In my own pride,
a textile full of errors,
lacking unity and depth.

Sin degrades the coloring,
my selfishness frays corners.
A weaving poor with sorrow.

Placing this before Your throne,
ashamed of all stains throughout,
Lord, forgive my tattered creation.

Renew coloring with resonant faith.
Mend threads in hope's truth.
Strengthen all fibers in Your mercy.

Help my heart, mind and soul
entwine with Your holy wisdom.
Weaving a tapestry of love.

For You are the Golden Needle,
the yielding thread is my being.
Your plan binds the cloth,
the stitches my life's embroidery.

By Jacqueline Ann Piech



Melting Despair

Just finished reviewing dozens of poems.
Sadly much darkness filled the muses tones.

Wishing to see the despairing images flee,
I read on searching for words to uplift me.

Hate, broken love, death and agony unfold.
All range of ages created a bitter mold.

Are the world's hearts truly in such grief?
Stories of black emotions written for relief?

Snow piles at the window glistening with sun.
Crystal gobs melting as water they become.

God can thaw away pain like sun on snow.
So many tormented hearts would then know.

Giving strength in troubled times to cope.
God holds the darkness at bay with hope.

By Jacqueline Ann Piech



Immerse Me Lord

I am wretched and totally alone,
longing for the best way home.

Worry in my mind would cease,
if my heart had calming peace.

I long for guidance and direction,
finding the path to true perfection.

Remove the veil of evil's blight,
cleanse me in Your holy light.

As flowers thirst for rain's embrace,
my soul longs for quenching grace.

Offering this poor heart of mine,
hide me in Your wounds Divine.

To believe in mercy from above,
immerse me, Lord, in saving love.

By Jacqueline Ann Piech

Lucifer was once a best loved angel of pure light.
Submitting to envy and fear as God shared His sight.
His enemy now, the God once deeply served and loved.
For giving mortals, free will and souls, blessings from above.
Did God not realize the rejection He certainly would receive.
Mere mortals weak and lowly, not strong enough to believe.
Lucifer gathered other angels that shared the same insight.
Rebelling they could not convince God of the error of His might.
Battle lost and cast out from heaven too prideful to seek amends.
Lucifer's own fears became his whole purpose, a message to send.
To prove how wayward and psychotic was the Almighty's plan.
Corrupting and destroying grace in every soul of pathetic man.
The question being, is faith a gift of love to freely refuse or accept?
To choose to be cast aside or lovingly nurtured and carefully kept?
Lucifer in his envy, pride and fear truly lost all love and belief.
Because God mercifully gave a perfect heart open to love or grief.
By Jacqueline Ann Piech

The clouds are broken, the sun's rays peek through.
I am puzzled why I feel so weary, no real reason to.
I wish I had more energy, my bones did not ache.
As time robs youth this is the price aging takes.

But mostly I long for peace, the assurance of hope.
Knowing I have done and am doing Your will to cope.
Life has no crisis now but the clouds I still sense.
Is it past trials or something ahead making me tense?

Daily movement has no changes, it is steady and strong.
Disquiet is still waiting for that something to go wrong.

Lord, ease my worries and calm my unfounded fears.
Lift the sorrow from a turbulent soul You hold dear.

Grant serenity and direction, send me Your holy grace.
Encourage an unsure heart it is truly in the right place.
By Jacqueline Ann Piech
I cry out to You and plead to have this pain removed from my life!
I am another year older and still daily have emptiness and strife.

I remember standing and holding a dying man's hand.
Praying for mercy, hoping You above all would understand.

I watched my father's ashes placed forever sealed behind a wall.
I begged You, alone I would never have to go through it all.

Again, I am by myself, though a few flowers, friends and family came to call.
The days and weeks after echo the parched being of my life through desolate halls.

Where have I offended You so deeply that You will never bless me with daily human love?
Please tell me how to make amends and live Your will as those in heaven above?

Make me not linger in this lonely abyss in my remaining years left on earth.
Teach me how to live a life of love, goodness and real worth.

I desire deeply to live my life in joy and hope, not coldness and stone.
When I pray, You torment me by telling me it is not Your will for me to be alone.

But in the years I have offered and given love, I feel perhaps I am being honed.
For a life of suffering with very little human love and it chills me to the bone.

I know You hear my plea and poetry and prayers are part of what I am to be.
But my soul is drowning in an endless, overwhelming and confusing sea.

Where God is there hope of love and some one strong enough to stand by me?
Or are You to use my sufferings for other souls to answer their prayers to Thee?

God give me Your truth and strength to continue to cope.
I have such darkness upon me I am afraid of losing all hope.

For at times like these I feel my life hanging by a thread.
And I am watching it unravel with heartache and dread.

When will my life become better and hold love and joy that is real?
I know You alone love me and I am offering You this appeal.

Jesus, You suffered and died upon a cross for all mankind's sins.
I am a mere human and don't understand what all my sufferings for You 
will win?

Is my life to be a sorrow filled one and have no lover's song?
Or am I becoming impatient and trying to urge things too soon along?

To whom do I go to be held and comforted as I shed so many tears?
I am growing weary from the pain of so many lonely years.

Please Lord, upon my soul shed some eternal light.
Guide me to when the darkness will end and I will be given holy sight.

Grant me Your mercy and healing so I may continue the fight.
Do not let bitterness and apathy consume love and kindness which is right.

Help me to know and do Your will and lay Your truth bare.
Teach me to go on and not give up or no longer care.

If You deem my heart and soul worthy of a holy and healthy human love,
then I place my life in Your hands and trust You will bless me from above.

By Jacqueline Ann Piech
(This poem was written on 04/26/2006 after my father passed away.)
I watch you as you whirl and toil to build your home.
Waiting in the morning mist hiding among silver threads.
A prize soon alights but you must be quick and careful.
Binding then spinning a shroud for the wasp before it can sting.
I hear the sirens bellow their warning and I arise to head for shelter.
A shrill whistle pierces my ears and the groundswell pitches me backwards.
The air is thick with smoke and screams and the stench of burning oil and flesh.
How long have I been here? I try to focus my eyes and turn and retch.
The cloud of terror and pain has silenced the cries around me.
I reach with both my hands to grasp for anything to make it all real.
My left hand fills with earth and my right clutches a shard of glass.
I lift it to see you there, fossilized forever, in your crystal coffin.
An ocean of bricks, metal and glass surround me as I try to cling to reality.
I realize I am still alive and wish to kneel and pray in thanks.
Walking, dancing or entwining around my soul mate,
in that most sacred of embraces will never be possible again.

My tears cannot match the pace at which blood flows from my body.
Where is kindness? Where is hope? Where is love? Where is sanity?
My questions cannot match the pace at which the agony of war insults God's soul.
By Jacqueline Ann Piech

Mary's Yes
Mary, sweet and pure,
how your heart must have feared
when suddenly Gabriel appeared.
But you listened and said yes,
for your deep love of God,
you would do your best.
You placed your life in God's hands.
And trusted to serve and help fulfill His plan.
Of a birth at home, you were not given the peace
but instead in a crude stable for farm beasts.
But still your heart was full of wonder and joy,
at holding our Savior, your tiny, baby boy.
When Jesus was there in your arms,
did your heart worry how to keep Him from harm?
When you cuddled and kissed His tiny hands,
did you know they would be pierced for the sins of Man?
As you watched Jesus grow strong and tall,
did you know He was to be the Savior for us all?
The bible tells how you pondered things in your heart,
did you know your yes would give mankind a new start?
Sweet Mary, God made you our Heavenly Mother for all.
Help us to learn to trust God and always say yes to His call.
By Jacqueline Ann Piech
Bless The Rain
{The Color Of Love}
The rain has come into my life once again.
I stand in silent sorrow, betrayed by my friend.
Misplaced trust in someone undeserving was my only mistake!
I know if I pray to You, Lord, You will love away this awful ache.
Too many times I have no hope, I can't get past my fears.
My life, like many others, has been immersed in an ocean of tears.
Lord take away the pain inside, please give me a new start.
Bless the rain into a rainbow, let the color of love flow from my heart!
In a world full of wars and famine, where cruelty abounds.
You hear the whisper of the wounded heart's dying sounds.
Families without love, a world of souls without hope.
Many have harden hearts, it's their only way to cope.
Be it an addiction or an illness, pride, lust, envy or greed.
Too many bleeding spirits are broken in their human need!
Lord take away the pain inside, please give us a new start.
Bless the rain into a rainbow, let the color of love flow from our hearts!
The journey is not easy, Lord, lift us when we fall.
Remind our hearts, Your always there through it all.
Teach us to forgive, in our lives kindness must be a part.
In Your mercy help us to love and console the broken heart.
Let us see the beauty of roses hidden among the thorns.
Help us hear Your truth so the seed of hope will be reborn.
Lord take away the pain inside, please give us a new start.
Bless the rain into a rainbow, let the color of love flow from our hearts!
By Jacqueline Ann Piech
Author's Note:
I wrote this over fifteen years ago but with what is going on  in the Middle East and other places of war in the world, I felt I should put this poem here for many souls need God to bless the rain in their lives into a rainbow. Please pray for peace!
Crystal Palace
Once in a vision, as a child, I stood along the shore.
I lovingly built a sand castle with towers, balconies, feather flags and more.
Constantly I tended that castle with bucket and shovel in hand.
Repairing, replacing and rebuilding wherever the sea or wind dismantled the sand.

Patiently I replaced the missing grains that became washed or blown away.
But as time went on, I grew tired, for the sand castle needed more repairs every day.
Growing weary from the hectic pace, I saw waves rush closer while the breeze changed to a gust. 
I watched in desperate, silent horror as the water and wind turned my sand castle to dust!
Kneeling alone on the beach, deep sorrow filled my soul.
All the time and effort building that castle, yet no trace of it, just a sand filled hole.
Sensing an Eternal Love there unseen, I looked up to the clouds and sky.
"Now what God?", I cried out, then waited for His reply.
A loving, gentle and humble voice spoke, "I will replace it with a crystal palace."
Fear and sorrow were lifted from my spirit, for I knew God's words carried no malice.
Not believing in myself, but knowing God's love had made me and in His will I could live the life He planned.
I sighed and knew the time I wasted was gone forever so reluctantly I  clasped God's hand.
And still at times I pull back fearful or even stumble and fall.
Though God's love and truth guide me, sometimes I just can't seem to move at all.
That's when God gently reminds my heart, that the sand castle I left behind, though it was not God's true plan.
Still it had a purpose, for in the making of crystal, the process takes tiny grains of sand.
By Jacqueline Ann Piech
Copyright 2005
Author's Note: I wrote this after a 19 year marriage that ended in divorce. God was there to carry me through and guide me to what life He planned for me. I believe several gifts came from that marriage, first and most valued, was my son. Second, learning a marriage has to be a true partnership, one person can not carry the marriage and its growing into a deeper love, on their own. And third and most dear to my heart, I drew much closer to God and His endless love for me. With God there is always, hope, love and healing. I offer this poem to all people that are suffering from a broken heart from relationships that ended, and now trying to make sense out of their lives. Let God help you, for He loves you no matter what!



















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