"A View From The Wheel"


These are the writings of a sweet, hamster named "Sandy"! Sandy The Hamster was a wonderful honey hamster given to me by my son. He was a gentle, trusting hammie who would give me a kiss by licking me with his tiny tongue. He loved watermelon seeds, yogurt drops and running in his maze. He was also talented enough to write his own blog called, "A View From The Wheel". He was the only hamster I had that did not run in his wheel but rather sit in it thinking (probably of things to write about). He also inspired me to write the poem, "The Hamster's Secret" and "Halloween Hammie" featured on the page "Whispers Of The Children". And Sandy's own blogs can be read here.

Though he was a lively little guy, he started to slow down and slept more and only got up to eat. Early, on a Sunday, back in November 2008, he was not moving much at all so I picked him up and held him in my hands until he took his last breath. He was two years and eight months old, a very long life for a hamster.

Sandy, you brought a lot of joy to the children who read about you. Sadly we have to say goodbye to our dear furry friend. You will be missed very much! I moved to a new home a few months after Sandy the hamster passed away. While unpacking things, I was amazed to find Sandy had written much more then he had ever placed on his blog. Poems, blogs and more, Sandy had many files!


Sandy The Writing Hamster
From 03/2006 to 11/09/2008 you brought us much joy!
In honor of your memory, I will share all your writings here for others to enjoy!



A View From The Wheel #1



My human is busy right now so I thought I would use her time away from the keyboard to place my thoughts here.


I should introduce myself first. My name is Sandy, I am a handsome male, honey hamster. I am a gift to my human from her son. I once lived quietly with just my human and her sometimes noisy dog, Mr. Jingles. Then in November 2006 my world became topsy-turvy! My human went and got married. Her husband is nice to me but he has a loud voice and snores in his sleep!

But worse then that , he brought along his dog, Sparky. She makes me very nervous as Sparky stares at my every move. My human placed my home up on a high bookcase but still I don't like the way Sparky watches me! And I don't think I could bribe Sparky with a sunflower seed if she ever decided to try and get in my home.

My human keeps telling me Sparky is just curious about me...hmmmmmm I hope so because though I can run very fast, Sparky is a very, very, very big dog!

Well enough about my personal problems. I am really here to let people know just how hamsters think. We often get a bad rap for being in the rodent family. But we are sweet, furry, cute and very smart! Mice and rats just can't seem to master typing skills and they are bad at spelling too.

Oh yes, I should mention here, my human is very surprised at me because she says I am the only hamster she has ever lived with that doesn't run in their wheel. Little does my human know I like sitting in my wheel to ponder things. It is my favorite place to go to think things through. Running in a wheel just keeps one going in circles, where sitting and thinking gets so much more accomplished! Well I promise to write more in the future but right now I smell Sparky and I know if I look, she will be sitting on the bed staring at me so I have to scoot.









A View From The Wheel #2



Well I am able to use my human's keyboard once again and it is already Valentine's Day. Since my human writes a bunch of stuff but never seems to get it posted up here, I thought I would enter two poems on my blog.

One is from her husband and one she wrote. I like Tony, her husband, he keeps me company when my human goes to work. And I think my human is a much happier person to have Tony around too. Then there is Sparky the dog. As my human promised me, Sparky seems less interested in me these days and only comes around once in a while to check up on me. Good thing too, I saw her yawn once and the inside of her mouth looks like a cave full of sharp teeth! I know I never want to meet Sparky up close and personal for sure!                                                                                                            

I like both of these poems though the one brought some sadness to my heart. I hope you enjoy them and some day I will write about a personal experience of mine when I was young and somewhat foolish. I smell my breakfast coming and it has corn, other grains and my favorite, watermelon   seeds! Have to scoot. Bye and Happy Valentine's Day.                                 



Love Makes The World Go Round

Love makes the world go round.
Yes love picks us up even when we feel down.
Having you for my wife.
Yes my dear, you give me new life.
Your love is the medicine that I need.
A dose or two every day.
Makes the pain go away.
So you see love does make the world go round.
You make me smile, no need to frown.

By Tony Musselman

I Had A Little Friend

(For all the hamsters that danced into my life.)

I had a little friend, a bundle of energy and joy.
He wasn't very big rather the size of a small toy.

Tiny and brave on his hind feet he would stand.
And take food very gently from my giant hand.

Darting through tubes or from nesting he would peek.
Or just quietly sit next to my heart gentle and sweet.

Couldn't bark to protect me nor purr, fly or sing.
But every day into my life a smile he would bring.

Though his packaging may have been very small,
his love and trust for me was over ten feet tall!

I had a little hamster friend who now forever sleeps. 
His love and memory in my heart I will always keep.

By Jacqueline Ann Piech