Whispers Of Love And Nature

Poetry on love lost, love found, thoughts and the power and beauty
within God's creations in nature.




Pine branches wear a dusting of snow.
Holy peace though winds gently blow.

In tree shelters, creatures stir one by one.
Diamonds of white, sparkle under the sun.

Christmas miracle as nature's beauty abounds.
Within God's mercy, our Savior's birth is found.

By Jacqueline Ann Piech




Every Child's Hope

Wealth was not yours but rich
was the time you gave to me.

You did not have all the answers
but always shared your wisdom.

On those times you could not
protect me from the world, you
gave me guidance and comfort.

If you did not understand me,
you still listened to me.

You helped me to believe
in myself and in my dreams.

For your courage, kindness,
truth, patience and love...
I am proud to call you my father.

I love you, Dad!

By Jacqueline Ann Piech





Streams From

Mundane has no place for the mind eager to explore.
Imagination unlocks beauty hidden behind conformity's door.

Glorious, the soul takes flight freeing the lover's dance.
Lifting humanity's heart to spark a new spiritual romance.

Orating from mythical realms or enhancing graceful truth.
Expressing ages wisdom or the innocence of sweet youth.

Sowing a collection of thoughts from experiences profound.
Genius of the artist's psyche streams from holy ground.

By Jacqueline Ann Piech





With Spring

On cloud free sky sunlight pours,
above treetops robins soar.

Earthy fresh scents fill the air,
as gentle gusts fondle my hair.

Branches showing buds of green,
flowers ascend for winter was lean.

Carried over currents of invisible breezes,
warm and arousing Spring teases!

By Jacqueline Ann Piech



Butterfly Swirls

My heart soared whenever
I heard your voice.
In all the world
you were my choice.

Bonds growing stronger
our souls did unite.
Passion, hope, love
burst into flight!

Pride tested limits as
anger filled the room.
Rejection mixed with fear
so love became doomed.

Storming out the door
you fled that night.
Rain poured down as
I tried to make it right.

Tears spoke my soul's truth
hoping you would stay.
They only matched the rain's
pace as you drove away.

Makeup melted into my
soul as swirls of rust.
Like butterfly wings of hope
crumbling into lovers dust.

By Jacqueline Ann Piech



In A Moment

Shopping, working, teaching,
cleaning, driving, walking

In a moment
the earth quakes.

Shaking, tearing, separating,
ravaging, crushing, destroying

In a moment
the ocean rises.

Wall of water, Niagara strength,
smashing, sweeping undertow

In a moment
life has changed.

Screaming, fearing, clinging,
wounding, suffering, perishing

In a moment
many hearts stop.

Shock, panic, weeping,
arising from the rubble

In a moment
heroes emerge.

Searching, hoping, praying,
sharing, loving, surviving

In a moment
all humanity learns.

How fragile life is within
each precious moment given.

By Jacqueline Ann Piech

Author's note:
I wrote this after the Japanese Tsunami of 2011




Though no walls surround me to help keep out the pain.
Though no person is there to encourage or guide me,
I know my life is not in vain.

Though tomorrow seems empty and hope beyond my reach.
Though anger, fear and sadness be inside me,
this covenant I cannot breach.

Though I cannot seem to give to those hearts around me.
Though my inner self from the hurt wishes to flee.
Whether thorns or roses, I must stay so I can be.
Though life is worth searching places
to give the gifts of which I am born.
I must give chance to God and time
to help unleash the unicorn.

By Jacqueline Ann Piech




Walking along the forest path,
the sun washes the chill from my soul.
Gold, orange, red and brown leaves
crunch beneath my stride.

My heart knows I need this walk,
tired of the struggles with money,
work, home and relationships,
of the lonely ache in my soul.

Soon I will be fifty seven and I
fear I am running out of time,
to do all I know I have to do,
giving back to God what I owe.

Sadly I watch Jingles try to
catch a monarch gliding
by on stained glass wings.
His coat is graying and his
pace lacks youth and swiftness.
How much longer will I have
my beloved dog in my life?

The trees sway as a gust
latches on to more leaves
swirling them down the path.
I look up at the blue sky and
watch the sun's rays dance
across tree tops.

Suddenly my guardian angel
whispers to me. 
" Be calm, the same trees that stood
through the hail storm two nights ago
still stand. Though their branches will
soon be bare, buds will re-grow in Spring.
The birds will return as life continues
here in God's Plan."

Tears trickle down my face
and I drink in the beauty of
the forest in Fall, as another
whisper comes to me.

" Let your fears, sorrows and worries fall
from your being just as the trees shed
their leaves, for if God cares for the
forest, how much more are you loved?
Be free like the monarch and soar
through time finding joy."

Thanking God for the forest,
for Jingles, for angels to guide us
and for His wondrous love,
one more whisper comes.
" Be at peace."
And I am.

By Jacqueline Ann Piech




Flutter By

Sky a vibrant blue,
flying along comes
a true living jewel.

A flower's nectar brings,
rich treasure of colors
on stained glass wings.

Gracefully landing atop,
amongst velvety petals
to garden island hop.

Gently soaring up free,
silently dozens gather
as they flutter by me!

By Jacqueline Ann Piech





Springtime Blues

I'm here at work not at home.
Still, I want to write a poem.

Phone call answered, customer is pleasant.
Background birds chirp, Spring is present.

Sun's rays dance across blue sky.
Tiny buds peeking out to say Hi!

Chipmunks scurry across a wooden fence.
View from window reveals a glorious sense.

Trees sway in gentle warm breeze.
Flowers chase away Winter's freeze.

Longing to bask in Spring's embrace,
stuck inside working, seems such a waste!

By Jacqueline Ann Piech





Summer's Treasure

Golden sunshine baths the day,
warm breezes stir jade leaves.
Birds soar across sapphire sky,
elemental smells grace the air.

Under shade giving boughs,
paused on an emerald ocean,
a chipmunk suddenly darts away.
Bees labor amongst garden riches.

Topaz sunflowers tower over
roses waxed in ruby reds.
Silvery doves coo in union
as jeweled insects take flight.

All the beauty I drink in,
quenching my weary soul.
For an afternoon so sweet
in treasure, thank-you God!

By Jacqueline Ann Piech





Clouds close in as rumbles come,
flashes streak across dark sky.
Droplets grow and dance on roof,
glazing windows in steady sheets.

Tree leaves drink in summer's moisture,
flowers bath in summer's burst.
Gentle breeze cools hardened ground,
greenery blooms from heavenly purge.

Blessing lowly earth with rain,
how much more precious is man?
Your mercy, peace, love and joy
pour across our wounded souls.

Nurturing our faith and trust,
in eternal wisdom and grace.
Life's storms need to happen,
purging us to grow in God's love.

By Jacqueline Ann Piech





Autumn's Love

I remember in October
walking along the beach.
Feeling the cool breeze
as it swirled my hair.

You patted the sand
with your feet while
sitting on a large
piece of driftwood.

Then smiled and laughed,
we blew soap bubbles.
One for each year
of my being here.

Sun kissed the waves
as sea gulls scurried
along the lake shore,
celebrating life too.

A passing of hearts
never again to be
in season. Autumn's love
etched upon my soul.

By Jacqueline Ann Piech





Time's Tide

Praying the length of the day will last,
minutes, hours disappear much too fast.

Fate cruelly never allows time to stop,
gleaning from life's many fruitful crops.

Fool's approach on wasted seconds spend,
silent timing of the clock comprehend.

What I choose for each minute to become,
adding or subtracting to Love's total sum.

How precious life's moments are to abide,
Love is a gift immersed in time's tide.

By Jacqueline Ann Piech





Truest Friend

A life to share through the years,
someone's smile to erase tears.

Joys and dreams to help grow,
secrets only the closest know.

Lean on blue days or when mad,
emotional bonds two hearts add.

Friends drift in and out as life moves,
a strength not weakness to improve.

Human hearts hope but can fail,
the soul alone may seem so frail.

A certain truth dwells deep inside,
in yourself the truest friend abides.

By Jacqueline Ann Piech




Shadows Of Could Have Been

The scent of red roses undelivered.
A poem quietly idle inside a pen.
Words of love that went unspoken.
Dwell in the shadows of could have been.

A lonely family member never called.
The pet longing for a walk in the glen.
Nature photos still waiting to be taken.
Linger in the shadows of could have been.

A child seeking some truth and hope.
Words of comfort every now and then.
Dreams needing direction to nurture.
Neglected in the shadows of could have been.

As minutes, hours, days spill into years.
The effort to balance time made when?
Life's joys lost in seconds forever more.
Forfeited in the shadows of could have been.

By Jacqueline Ann Piech



First Fallen

Golden crisp sheet
frolics on the
Autumn breeze.

Descending on a
sea of green,
surrenders to fate.

By Jacqueline Ann Piech


Bill's Lament
We met and enjoyed each others company, hitting it off from the very start.
You wanted to be important in my life, I owned a confused and unsure heart.
You urged me to love you strong, not sure of my own life, how could I complete
yours too?
Life threw death in my face and I felt weakness from within and emotions filled
my being blue.
Soon love became an obstacle instead of the entwining you so deeply craved.
In doubt and regret I walked away, thinking another path should be paved.
For reasons I cannot claim to know, I have been looking at life's glass more.
Your past smiles, tears, dreams and embraces knock gently at my heart's door.
You had plans that I was not open to or ready for, timing seemed amiss.
How can I win your forgiveness and replace your pain with a loving kiss?
I miss you and I was a fool but know my arrogance was my heart's shield
and on you it took a toll.
How can I repair broken trust and come back assuring you, I know with
you my life will be whole.
"Trust God," a friend said, if it is to be you would willing try again.
But I have wounded your heart and know not how to make amends.
By Jacqueline Ann Piech

The Secret

Though the world values beauty and power,
with wealth and youth being the fad of the hour.
I have a secret and need to share,
of a heart and soul God helped prepare.

The secret has taught me where true value lies.
A someone passed over for their weight, shape or size.
And too many times what the world takes for granted,
cannot be purchased, improved upon or implanted.

But to meet and to learn to love the hidden heart,
the secret has taught me this is the best part.
Though pockets may not contain fortunes untold,
a loving heart that encourages is worth more then gold!

To believe in a talent and value its worth,
to promote its goodness and help it give birth.
Someone that sees you for what you really are.
Not perfect or gorgeous but a poetic, shining star!

Because of their love for you, your heart burns bright.
You have hope again because you are wonderful in their sight.
And even though they may doubt in their own true self,
you recognize a heart of a knight and a spirit of an ageless elf!

That is what the secret has taught me, what the world doesn't see.
Not tall, famous or rich but a loving heart that believes in me.
{For Tony with all my love.}

By Jacqueline Ann Piech




At the beach I watch the waves lap the shore,
knowing underneath the currents do explore.
The vast expanse where resurgence abounds,
shifting, changing and entwining life around.

Wisdom the Creator has granted to me,
humbled by the noble might of the sea.
Like ocean currents I have been touched,
by human encounters meaning so much.

Not knowing how one's existence spills into my own,
changing or moving directions as waves do roam.
Simple passing of souls never again to be a season,
words or actions affecting my life for God's own reason.

By Jacqueline Ann Piech





Shallow Depths

What created it and the need of which it was born?
A moment of despair, enlightenment, fear, joy or scorn?

Was it something pondered or from something said?
Was it a memory of regret or one of dread?

Does it carry wisdom or wash away pride?
Does it carry pain over love denied?

Was it from anger at a truth that was blighted?
Was it from love given, in which the heart delighted?

Does it carry the strength of a soul weary for rest?
Does it carry consolation and peace earned from a quest?

Though tiny and glistening, a shallow drop from the corner of the eye,
it is deeper than an ocean from which the soul replies.

And if all mankind's were collected in one trickle of time,
what wisdom would be gathered, what would one find?

That every human heart breaks and love is needed
to nurture each and every single soul.

In His mercy, God has felt every tear
ever shed and longs to make us whole.

By Jacqueline Ann Piech




Bits And Pieces

Fear of love,
fear of pain,
fear of being rejected once again.
Fear of limbo,
fear of time,
fear of making you mine.
Fear of victory,
fear of defeat,
fear of love being bittersweet.

As bits and pieces of us die,
we find living sometimes too hard to try.
In time we learn only with God can we get by.

Fear of wisdom,
fear of youth,
fear of aging into real truth.
Fear of incomplete,
fear of whole,
fear of finding one's soul.
Fear of moving,
fear of standing still,
fear of surrendering to God's will.

As bits and pieces of us grow,
we find living sometimes reaps what we sow.
In time we learn only with God can we know.

Fear of confusion,
fear of doubt,
fear of understanding what it's all about.
Fear of too much money,
fear of being poor,
fear of never needing anymore.
Fear of fear,
fear of hope,
fear of being unable to cope.

As bits and pieces of us bleed,
we find living sometimes makes us really need.
In time we learn only with God can we bend like a reed.

Fear of being lonely,
fear of being sad,
fear of forgiving while we're still mad.
Fear of belief,
fear of lies,
fear of what the future implies.
Fear of you,
fear of me,
fear of finding our humanity.

As bits and pieces of us blend,
we find living sometimes makes us seek amends.
In time we learn only with God is there a perfect friend.

By Jacqueline Ann Piech




Silent Sign

Feeling older and running out of time,
weary and sad, I prayed for a sign.
And not too humbly I'm afraid,
Jesus, I begged You for the answer I craved.
Knowing all the time I prayed and remained a friend,
though I loved him was the relationship to really end?

So I walked my dog and looked around,
nothing in the sky nor on the ground.
I looked toward the woods and fields,
still nothing to me was being revealed.
A black bird quietly flew overhead,
while insects buzzed in the flower bed.

Sadly my heart started to accept Your will,
I would leave go of him and move on...until?
There on a broad, green leaf was a white dot,
from where I stood it looked like a paint spot.
I bent closer to touch it and to my relief,
a butterfly arose and gave me renewed belief!

It brushed my arm as it circled to the right,
like a pure white angel soaring in flight.
Snowy white, it came to rest atop flowers on the hill,
I cried out in joy as Your answer made my heart stand still.

You mercifully washed away my doubt and sorrow,
You lovingly gave my heart hope for tomorrow!
Thank-you, Jesus, for the miracle of Your silent sign,
a butterfly, You made and sent to give me peace of mind.

By Jacqueline Ann Piech






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