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Whispers of the Unicorn

Here is my collection of poems on the lovely and pure unicorn.


Unicorn Oh Unicorn

Pure white and golden horn,
chasing butterflies in the morn,
lovely vision 'tis the unicorn.

Protector of forests and glens,
horn's healing powers transcend,
sacred creature hunted by men.

Purity of heart unicorns only know,
a virgin trap was set by the foe,
bound by rope then came the blow.

Unicorn fallen, young lass forlorn,
a sword removes thy golden horn,
deep crimson flows a life torn.

Men ride off, tears from unicorn's eyes,
created only to love, betrayed by lies,
silent is the forest as the unicorn dies.

Unicorn oh, unicorn if they only knew,
healing touch from thy horn to renew
must come from a living unicorn true!

By Jacqueline Ann Piech


When Unicorns Will Want To Stay

One Child skipped and then began to race.
Hoping to see a unicorn's beautiful face.
A creek in magic forest, the perfect place!

Turtle lounging on rocks, leathery with years.
Sadly One Child saw turtle shedding tears.
Old turtle spoke softly of a story to hear.

God's sacred creatures with healing golden horns.
Prancing, singing in forests, the joyful unicorns.
Until mankind's cruelty left them all forlorn.

Mercifully, God took them to His heavenly throne.
Youngest unicorn asked to stay on earth alone.
Hoping that children of Man would willingly atone.

But soon unicorn witnessed a horrible blight. 
Children teasing and yelling in selfish fights!
Unicorn's heart and soul dimmed at the sight.

An angel changed unicorn at God's command.
Now a beautiful flower, no unicorn on land.
Only kindness on earth could alter that plan.

Some days the flower, unicorn size blooms.
Other times only tiny white petals loom.
How much kindness or cruelty is its doom.

One Child watched turtle slowly swim away.
Ancient turtle stopped and turned to say.
Kindness to each other is the only way.
Then blessed unicorns will want to stay.

By Jacqueline Ann Piech


A Fairy's Kiss

Drenched from heavy rains the forest was covered in deep gray mist.
Rain soaked into the unicorn's soul who longed for a fairy's kiss.

Butterflies were grounded with damp wings unable to flutter in bliss.
Mice clung to reeds as their homes had become an oceanic abyss.

Robins as well as frogs bravely tried to join voices and sing.
All hoping their chorus of love a fairy's kiss it would bring.

Snails hiding under a flower petal spotted the first beam of light.
Breaking through the tree tops a shaft touched the saturated site.

Tinier then a whisper, bright hues flying faster then dancing flames.
A wish granted for the unicorn by sunlight's grande dames.

A kiss of orange, a kiss of pink, a kiss of purple done in a blink.
Across the now dry and serene forest a magical bow was inked.

Above the tree tops bending through the cloud free, blue sky.
A rainbow created from a fairy's kiss to wish the rain goodbye.

By Jacqueline Ann Piech


The Unicorn And The Tiger

I stood drinking from the forest waters weary from roaming on my own.
You quietly circled and flexed your aging strength though still unknown.

Then my eyes met yours and they pierced my wounded being by chance.
You did charm me even though you knew it was an unwelcomed dance.

I stood at a distance very unsure of your kind and the fear in me arose.
I fled for the depths of lighted guidance, cloaked in my confused woes.

I saw you as an enemy trying to strike me down so I bolted and hid.
Slowly you stalked me trying to convince me that you were just a big kid.

I set the trap and in your loving weakness for that bait you leapt.
Again the old wound surged and into my soul fear's shadow crept.

Rolling over, you exposed soft underbelly, my horn lowered then I paused.
You could have stopped me with one powerful swipe of a tiger's claws.

I lanced your loving heart, you growled softly waiting for the next blow.
A tiger that surrendered to the likes of me, a strange truth now I know.

With a heart of patience and kindness is how you do embrace.
No longer can I run from you when fear has been forever erased.

An unlikely pair through the woods together we now safely roam.
The unicorn and the tiger letting God's stars in the sky lead them home.

{For my husband, Tony, the true tiger in my life!}

By Jacqueline Ann Piech



Unicorn Forlorn 

Once more I walk the earth alone, it is my true plight.
No heart with which to share my hopes, laughter and light.
Emptiness haunts my complete being day and night.

For an act of darkness has swept you away!
And no longer in my life do you come to play.
What price does your wounded soul really pay?

Though broken hearted I know I must go on.
A plan to fulfill and live out my unicorn song.
My soul shines less brightly since you have gone.

Your dreams, desires and love made my life once whole.
Without you by my side, my heart's joy will never be full.
Though I go on in your absence, I still feel your sorrowful soul.

The Creator who made me helps ease my daily pain.
I am given strength to travel life's journey once again.
Without you I will sing no joyful song or sweet refrain.

I still dance and breathe though each and every day I cry.
With wind on my back, my heart becomes chilled and I sigh.
A soul alone in this life without its soul mate forever am I!

And I worry in your fear, pain, anger and grief.
How do you live and will you ever find relief?
The love hidden in you is buried under you own disbelief.

Hopelessness imprisoned your soul my doubting friend.
I wish for you to be completely free once again.
From your ocean of pain, a rescue, love would send.

Though sadly all alone, I walk the earth and try to do my best.
I will wait patiently, be strong and hope to pass this awful test.
I pray for you to be released from torment, to have peace and rest.

But without your life in mine, my heart is truly forlorn.
And many hopes and dreams will never become born.
Always longing for your love is the soul of this unicorn.

By Jacqueline Ann Piech









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