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Prayer For The Lonely

I am lonely, sweet Jesus, and feel an emptiness in my life that no one can fill at this time. I am grateful for all the people You have placed in my life, but I live alone. I long for a smile, a hand to touch mine, a healing hug. I would like to have a house full of love, laughter and sharing daily.

When I come home, I feel the burdens of work and worry upon me with no one to give me encouragement. When I am sick, I have no one to help comfort me or nurse me through my illness. Some days I feel weary and overwhelmed with carrying life's responsibilities on my shoulders alone.

Friends and family I have, but they cannot be in my life every single day and some times I think they get so busy, they do forget about me. I want to share my heart, love and life in the ways You will for me, but I need Your help and strength and direction to know how.

Help me to remember You also had lonely times when You lived on this earth. Help me not to be weak and give up or despair for I know every soul is precious to You. Protect me from evil, pain, fear and harm each day. Help me find the ways to help others and share my talents You have blessed me with.

Help me feel Your presence in my life so I can have hope and joy. Help me to be kind to all those You send my way and help me , dear Lord, to remember as long as I have Your love, I am never really alone.

By Jacqueline Ann Piech

Author's note: The Prayer For The Lonely, I wrote this because I lived alone for over 14 years and though I am married now, I know many people that are living alone and know how hard at times this can be. God will carry us through lonely times too!



Soldier's Prayer

Give me strength and wisdom I pray,
dear Lord as I start each new day.
To know Your will in this foreign place,
I truly need Your healing grace.

Protect my fellow soldiers and me too,
grant me courage and compassion true.
Help us rebuild hope and freedom defend.
For my sins show me the way to make amends.

If You call me or others from this earth today,
bequeath mercy and forgiveness on the soul's way.
Let family and friends know I love them, if You would.
But for truth and an end to terrorism here I stood.

And if instead, You grant another blessed day to me,
have my prayers and actions help hearts become free.
To learn to love, not hate, to value life and peace,
so the agony of unholy war will forever cease.

Thank-you Lord and at the end of this day,
send hope to us all, to keep despair at bay.

By Jacqueline Ann Piech

About Me

I am a poet, married, proud mother of a paramedic and also am mom to a short haired hamster and a mixed terrier/pug male dog, their on going energy is a joy! I have been a "jackie of all trades" as I worked as a teacher's aid in a preschool, sold Avon door to door, created craft designs that were published for several years in "Crafts" magazine during 1970 through 1983. I owned and operated my own gift store for 15 years, worked in a deli and now in a call center as a catalog phone order rep.

In the midst of all this I write, I have had many poems published on other web sites. One site that still is going strong is VoicesNet.org, I have dozens of my poems published there.  In 2006 I created my own web site, Poetry Prism, which sadly Verizon will be shutting down the end of September 2014, as they are discontinuing their personal and business web site builder and services.

Happily I can continue sharing my poetry on my two online gift stores at Zazzle.com. And I just added one new store there, it features hats, tote bags, baby blankets, tee shirts and gifts called, WeavingSmiles. Thanks to the wonder of HTML code, I am able to offer some of the hundreds of gift items on all three of my stores here. And my poetry has found a new home here at "Gentle Whispers Poetry" through TipTopWebSite.com!

Through every smile, tear, pain, hope and joy, God has carried me through it all! One way of trying to thank God {though impossible} is in the poetry I write to inspire and give hope by reminding my readers God loves us all!

If you wish to send a comment my way, please do I am always open to suggestions, ideas and more, send me email at unicornmuse@gmail.com

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