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Gently the Spirit whispers to the heart so that in
 kindness, hope and love, hearts heal and souls are saved!



Gentle Whispers Poetry

This is a place to share my writing with you the reader. God gave me the talent and I believe that part of our calling in life is to share our talents with one another. I am offering my poems here for you to enjoy. Most of my poetry is inspirational, though I also write about nature, human love, humor and stories and poetry for children. If one or two touch your heart or inspire your soul or draw you a little closer to God's love for you, then I have reached my goal!

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Sending You An Angel

God is sending you an angel because I thought of you today.
I pray the angel will guard and guide you on your way.

When weary and overwhelmed, though you have tried your best.
May the angels comfort you and give you strength and rest.

When you are lonely and feel you have no worth.
May an angel help you find the purpose of your birth.

When your life seems to have only troubles and you lack all hope.
May an angel give you direction and help you learn to cope.

When you prayed until you can't seem to ask anymore.
May God have an angel come knocking at your door.

And may you always feel the blessings from above.
I am asking God to send an angel to fill your day with love.

By Jacqueline Ann Piech




Eternal Carpenter


How blessed the human hands that taught Jesus how to build from wood.
    Though in our Heavenly Father's Heart, He was with Him as God created each plant that stood.

And how blessed the homes that held tables or chairs where Jesus's loving hands had lain.
A lifetime of meals eaten on the very furniture our dear Savior had planed!

And how Jesus must have been sadden to know soon in the time ahead.
 That on His Father's own creation, mankind would see Him dead.

 But Jesus also knew what His complete obedience would attain.
And must have felt great joy in knowing the souls for His Father, His sacrifice would gain.

He still builds for His Father from many hearts of wood.
A gift of turning the wayward, broken or harden to the Truth and strengthens our own good.

   For now in His heavenly kingdom, Jesus still remains a carpenter, an eternal role.
His love sands away the selfishness, His forgiveness strips away all stains of sins.
His mercy straightens the warped and by His healing makes human hearts whole.

By Jacqueline Ann Piech



Holy Is This Day

Holy is this day,
Christ has washed
our sins away.

Eternal life has been
given mankind,
because of God's 
Mercy and His Son

With Hope and Joy,
may every knee bend,

praising Christ.Amen

By Jacqueline Ann Piech
(Happy Easter Everyone!)

Master Mariotti's Music

Dance among the clouds, hear the melody in the wind.
Feel the sun with your heart, let the laughter of life begin.

Traveling through each cell's fiber as love flows from the heart.
The composer gives each note its own harmonic part.
Taking a chance, his work, he hopes will please.
Creating a loving wave in an endless emotional sea.

Dance among the clouds, hear the melody in the wind.
Feel the sun with your heart, let the laughter of life begin.

Words and notes begin to blend in a whirling dance.
A song for the listener's heart to totally entrance.
While in perfect union, the mystified dancer learns.
To bend mind, heart, body and soul as each note turns.

Dance among the clouds, hear the melody in the wind.
Feel the sun with your heart, let the laughter of life begin.

Will the listener hear the rhythm and experience the whole?
Of each sweet note's character acting out its role.
Precious sentimental refrains of the music's story control.
As the notes tell the secret longings of their master's soul.

Dance among the clouds, hear the melody in the wind.
Feel the sun with your heart, let the laughter of life begin.

By Jacqueline Ann Piech
Copyright 2005




Christmas Reminder

For what Mankind had done,
to make amends for all sin,
God sent His only Son.

A Savior for all ages is born,
bringing Hope, Mercy and Love
to the many souls forlorn.

Behold, His pure Love
shall bring true Peace
with Healing from above.

So hearts learn to be kinder,
God's love for us never ends.
Christmas time is that reminder.

By Jacqueline Ann Piech





Look to the heavens and you will see,
God sends His angels to help all humanity.

In mercy and love angels come to defend
and help us to know God's love never ends.

The angels came the night Jesus was born,
to calm mankind's hearts, weary and worn.

Holy beings to help lead us each day,
in kindness and love as the true way.

We are never alone in times of pain or fear,
God's Love protects us with angels near.

Just ask in prayer and you will soon know,
Angels are given to help our holiness grow.

By Jacqueline Ann Piech



I have written much on life's pages.
Roughly composed within fearful stages.

Confusion or anger, maybe even my pride.
Makes me wonder what is left inside.

Is this chaotic tome really God's will?
Love's sorrowful ebb and flow to fill.

Lord, You alone know the book of me.
Ink what You will, set my soul free.

Chapter my being so I can sing praise.
Forgive and heal each wrongful phrase.

Edit me in Your truth to become humble.
Sin's pages rip out, mercifully crumple.

Bind my life with Wisdom's new start.
Publish my spirit in Your loving heart.

By Jacqueline Ann Piech



A Snowman's Tears

His creators, the children, had all gone
home to be tucked in their beds,
for Christmas Eve had finally arrived.

He notices an elderly, homeless man
digging through the trash bins
behind the mall in search of a meal.

As a couple yell at each other while
they unlock their trunk to fill it with
bags of gifts not given out of love.

Many shoppers rush out of the mall,
honking their horns and cursing as
they drive out of the parking lot.

He remembers the children talking
excitedly about the presents they
hoped to find under the Christmas tree.

It sounded so wonderful this day
called Christmas, but from what he
had observed, he was not so sure.

Music from the choir in the church
down the road sounded grand but did 
angels on high know the real truth?

People are greedy, cruel and selfish.
Or so it seemed to be, thought the
man made by children from snow.

Surrounded by trees he silently stood.
Where is this Spirit called Christmas?
It certainly isn't in the shopping mall.

Perhaps it is suppose to be in children's
laughter or singing choirs, but it seemed
an unanswered puzzle just out of reach.

Using the trees and snowman for shelter,
the homeless man fell asleep on the ground.
He watched the poor man shiver in the cold.

This is wrong thought the man made from snow.
He shook off his woolen cap and heavy scarf
so it would fall to cover the sleeping man.

Suddenly a ruby, red cardinal swooped down
taking a few nibbles off his carrot nose and 
a squirrel snatched some acorns from his smile.

Though there was less of him as night ended,
warm trickles fell from his two coal black eyes.

As he shed those tears, the puzzled was answered.

Heaven granted wisdom to the humble snowman.
For in giving of himself to help others he had
found the Christmas Spirit was indeed very real!

By Jacqueline Ann Piech

 Winter Slumber

Tucked away under leaves and snow
winter kissed Earth sleeps and dreams
of the many past harvest seasons.

Earth feels loving tendrils from seeds,
vines and resting plant roots, embraced
in her soil waiting for the Spring.

Where they will be called once again,
awakened to push forward and reach
out for warmth, air and sweet sky.

But for now Earth will wear her crystal
gown of ice and snow, dreaming of
her prince, the Summer sun.

By Jacqueline Ann Piech



For The New Year

Each New Year brings hope, a new start in our daily lives,
to reach dreams and goals we want to share with loved ones.

To become a better person, to see the world in a new light.
To hold life and love as sacred gifts to be cherished each day.

May God bless and guide you and your family as you enter into
this new year and may all you hope for, be given in abundance!

By Jacqueline Ann Piech




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